About Us

About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you find the experience informative, helpful and enlightening – but we also hope it will move you to a more environmentally based position than perhaps you are today – and with increased profits.

E3 PLUS is a perfect solution for any fleet operating organisation endeavouring to grow and/or increase profits whilst at the same time, reducing environmental impact and preserving an ethical public relations profile.

Drywash Europe Ltd is a cutting edge nanotechnology provider, specialising in helping fleet operators reduce fuel consumption, cost and emissions in the specific area of engine fuel combustion and performance improvements and is the UK distributor of E3 PLUS.

We believe what we do (and what everyone does) should benefit the environment to a greater degree than our impact upon it and so that is where our roots are set.

The home page of this site covers what E3 PLUS does and why. The ‘News’ and ‘Blog’ sections illuminates and draws your attention to some frightening issues that concern us and should concern everyone – especially fleet operators.