Drywash Europe Ltd/ E3 PLUS has been featured in BUS and COACH BUYER magazine

There has never been a better time to save on your fuel costs this Christmas so why not contact us today to see what Drywash Europe can do for you.

Just for Christmas we have an amazing deal that will allow you to see how much you save

A special CHRISTMAS GIFT for you from Drywash Europe Ltd.
Simply email     FUEL SAVING    to   drywasheurope@gmail.com and we will send you a simple to use Excel spreadsheet.
Into the prepared spreadsheet, you can enter your OWN data for any ONE of YOUR own vehicles as follows ……..
1. Annual mileage
2. Fuel ££ cost/litre (ex Vat)
3. Current MPG achieved
4. Fuel tank size (litres)
If you wish, you can then enter …….
5. Number of fleet vehicles you have, approximately matching the above data.
This will calculate your annual total vehicle/fleet fuel consumption in gallons & litres, the total ££ cost and estimated CO2 emissions of your vehicle/s.
If you then request it, we will provide a quotation for E3 PLUS nanotechnology for you to add into the calculator.
You will then see your projected ££ profit increase and CO2 reductions of the vehicle/s for the next 5 years. It will also give you a return on investment calculation in number of months that can be expected.
You may well be surprised at the result! A free gift that could well convert to ££ thousands+++.
AND – as CO2 is one of the main contributors to global warming – cutting fuel consumption will do the planet a favour in the process. Your ‘green credentials’ will get a boost too!
Did you know, every 1,000 of diesel litres burnt, results in 2,650 kg (2.65 tonnes) of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere?
drywasheurope@gmail.com   FUEL SAVING