Drywash launches nanotechnology to help cut diesel emissions


Drywash Europe, the UK based nanotechnology fuel company, has launched a nanotechnology product it says can help reduce diesel CO2 emissions by up to 10%.

Drywash’s E3 Plus product is not a fuel additive and is made up of small ceramic bars that sit on the floor of the fuel tank.

The company says the technology does not compromise engine or vehicle warranties as they are not attached to, or change the vehicle in any way.

The bars are guaranteed to function for five years and Drywash says they are maintenance free.

The ceramic bars emit nanoparticles to increase the energy density of the fuel whilst keeping the fuel within EN standards. E3 Plus works by restructuring fuel molecules back to their original refined state so they burn and vaporise quicker, more completely and cleaner in the combustion process.

Drywash said costs for E3 Plus vary depend on fleet circumstance and requirements, although it did say it was “low cost” and a typical return on investment would be within 12 months.

Drywash is targeting road transport fleet operators, particularly those that store their own fuel.