Q; How do E3 PLUS ceramic bars work?

A; Please see the home page.

Q; Can E3 PLUS ceramic bars change or damage my vehicle in any way?

A; Absolutely not. The bars simply sit on the floor of the fuel tank. They can’t float, disintegrate or break up in normal use. All they do is re-vitalise the fuel and/or prevent degradation of the fuel – nothing more.

Q; Will E3 PLUS invalidate my vehicle of equipment warranty?

A; No. As the bars are not attached to the vehicle – or change it in any way, they cannot affect vehicle or equipment warranties.

Q; How much fuel will I save using E3 PLUS ?

A; This depends on fuel condition, your vehicle, how your vehicle has been maintained and your driving style. There are many variants that can affect how E3 PLUS performs. Results typically vary from 4% to 10%+ increased fuel efficiency.

Q; How are the inserted into the fuel tank?

A; This is a simple process which will take approximately 15 minutes. Installation depends on the vehicle or engine being fitted. Please contact us for guidelines

Q; How long do E3 PLUS bars work for?

A; They are guaranteed to work 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - for 5 years. They are easy to remove and replace after the 5 years.

Q; Do they need any maintenance?

A; No, none at all. Just insert them and forget them (for 5 years).

Q; Will my vehicle run better with E3 PLUS installed?

A; Generally yes. Degraded fuel reduces engine performance. Using E3 PLUS, degraded fuel that is restored will enhance engine performance. Remember though, the more throttle you apply, the more fuel you will consume – so use the extra power wisely to save fuel.