Fuel Performance Breakthrough For Diesel Engines


Drywash Europe, the UK based nanotechnology fuel innovator, is promoting a revolutionary product which, says the company, will reduce fuel consumption, improve performance and cut harmful emissions for all types of diesel engine.


E3 PLUS nanotechnology improves the way diesel fuel combusts in the engine. This can equate to a fuel saving of 4+% although results can be closer to 10%. As a direct result, this reduces consequential emissions.

Faster and more efficient fuel combustion achieved with E3 PLUS, promotes maximum fuel energy to power conversion, creating an increase in low-end torque, so less power is needed to start and maintain the momentum of the vehicle.

For example, and simply put, to drive at any given constant speed less fuel throughput is required to maintain that speed. This immediately translates to an increase in MPG.

A more complete and overall reduction in fuel combusted, directly results in a reduction in emitted CO2 and also reduces other emissions such as HC, CO and Particulate Matter output.


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