Lab Testing

Lab Testing


“Laboratory test scope was to determine the effect E3 PLUS technology has on fuel quality. Among others, two of the most significant aspects of fuel quality that affect combustion and efficiency are fuel density and viscosity”.

“Fuel degrades at a typical rate of 2.64g/litre/day, slowly increasing the viscosity and density making combustion more incomplete”.

Test conclusion and hypothesis

“Findings conclude that the impact of E3 PLUS on fuel viscosity and density will affect two aspects of fuel, resulting in improved filterability and performance.

a. Viscosity changes improve flow properties and atomisation (Test method ASTM D445).

b. Density changes will reduce filter blockages that affect fuel flow and the air to fuel ratio (Test method ASTM D4052).

Filterability test in accordance with NATO specification – (Test method US Military Specification MIL-S-53021)”.


“While fuel is exposed to the E3 PLUS bar, there is a distinct improvement in the density and viscosity of the fuel sample as is typically found in tank bottoms”.

“The hypothesis concludes that the E3 PLUS bar introduces a passive energy that will build up to systematically reverse the effects of fuel degradation”.

“Discolouration of the fuel is a clear indicator of the state of the fuel. The heavier fuel will always settle towards the tank bottom while the ‘fresher’ fuel accumulates at the top. Using E3 PLUS, we would expect a better quality fuel to recover to an original refined state faster”

Laboratory testing has proven the efficacy of E3 PLUS