Nanotechnology will improve fuel consumption

Drywash Europe, a UK-based nanotechnology fuel innovator, is promoting a “revolutionary” product that, it says, will reduce fuel consumption, improve performance and cut harmful emissions for diesel engines.

E3 Plus improves the way that diesel combusts. This faster and more efficient combustion promotes maximum energy conversion, creating an increase in low-end torque, so less power is required to start the vehicle and maintain its momentum.

E3 Plus works by utilizing small ceramic bars. It is a patented nanotechnology and it is not an additive.

The bars sit on the floor of the fuel tank and they do not compromise warranties, as they do not change the vehicle in any way. They are guaranteed for five years and are maintenance free.

When the nanotechnology within the bars contacts the fuel, it reverses and prevents degradation that may be caused by the fuel being stored for a prolonged period.

It is the patented far infrared radiated nanoparticles and E3 anions that make up the E3 technology. The cleaner burn also reduces soot build-up within the engine, and fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10%.